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Practice Music

Finding suitable music to practice to has always been a challenge for beginner Salsa dancers – and even for more advanced students who need slower tempo music so they can hone their technique and styling.

Don’t worry as I have done the hard work so you don’t have to!

Here is my Spotify playlist of over 80 great songs which I’ve carefully curated over the years.


Download the Salsa Rhythm App

The Salsa rhythm app is an awesome practice tool which enables you to isolate the different instruments in a Salsa band which will help you understand the rhythms in the music better:

Click here for Android

Click here for IOS


Berna Jam – Scuola Di Salsa

Album of instrumental practice tracks which highlight the different Salsa instruments and rhythms:

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Salsa Intoxica Swag

Level up your Salsa lifestyle with my range of branded clothing and merchandise.

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Where to Buy Salsa Shoes

It’s so important to have the right shoes. We now have more choice than ever before and you don’t have to spend a fortune – unless you want to of course!

You do get what you pay for, however, and there is a world of difference between cheap copies from China and the real deal that you’ll find in the outlets listed below:

Move Dancewear Ladies

Move Dancewear Men


Larisa London

Bloch Jazz Shoes

Port Dance

Werner Kern

Advice for Buying Salsa Shoes

I recommend beginners to start out with a soft, flexible shoe with a split suede sole.

Jazz shoes are perfect and will not break the bank – just make sure they do not have a rubber sole. Rubber soles will grip too much, making smooth turns impossible and increasing injury risk.

Ladies will do best to keep the heels under two inches for class – you will feel much more stable. Save the sparkly 3 inch heels until you start going to regular socials and you have your footwork and balance under control.


Books on Salsa for Further Reading

When you get hooked on Salsa you want to consume as much information as you can. Here are some books that I’m sure will enhance your background knowledge and increase your understanding of this enormous subject.

Click each image to view the title on Amazon:

Salsa Radio Stations

There is no better way to improve your dancing than to completely immerse yourself in Salsa music.

The internet has made it possible to tune into radio stations all over the world which play only Salsa and Latin music.

We have a London based station which plays Salsa and Soul – Our Salsa Soul Radio.

Here is a link where you can pick radio stations from Cuba, Colombia, New York, Mexico, Miami – all places which live and breathe the rhythms of the clave and conga:

My Writing

One of my other greatest passions is writing. It helps me process my thoughts, and enables me to organise what I teach into a format which is accessible and easy to apply. I’m a bit of a philosopher at heart, and love deep conversations about the nature of life and what it means to be a conscious human being in such a chaotic world.

You will find some of my Salsa inspired writing on my blog.

Below are a few other written pieces and fun tools to help you improve:

The 10 Principles of Logical Leading

What it is that makes the great leads better than you.

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Ladies Styling

Are you guilty? Find out now…

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Chicken Soup For Salsa Dancers

My take on Salsa from the lead’s perspective.

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Salsa Quiz…How Good Are You Really?

Try my fun assessment quiz to see what you need to work on.

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Tania Cannarsa teaching at Mambo City 5 Star Congress

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The early days of Salsa lessons are by far the most crucial, as it is such a steep learning curve if you are starting from scratch with no prior dance experience. This is particularly true for guys, who typically lead the dance and have to master what I term “the...

Who The Hell Was Suzy Q?

One of the things beginner Salsa dancers often  ask after they've moved past the technical frustrations of learning the step is this:   "Why is it called a Suzy Q?"   It's one of those things that seasoned social dancers don't really think much about.   But I like to...

From Twinkle Toes To Sparkly Heels

My first love in dance was ballet. And my first love in ballet was Swan Lake. I’ve loved it ever since I was a toddler and my grandmother - a ballet-lover - used to play the Tchaikovsky score when I went to sleep over at weekends and she watched me launch myself...