After moving into the new, bigger studio back in November, it’s been a quest to find a new dance floor to fit the bigger space at an affordable price.

It hasn’t been without hitch as back in January we had been all set to go to Eastbourne to collect another floor, but the seller reneged on the deal the day before our trip – which also happened to be my birthday – a double whammy of disappointment.


Luckily, after checking Ebay and Facebook Marketplace on a daily basis, another suitable floor soon appeared. I put in an offer in the hope of striking a deal quickly and this was accepted.
So we were all set to go and collect it from a hotel in Somerset on the Friday of the same week and this time nothing went wrong. The journey to Somerset and back was smooth with no holdups, and we got the floor back to the studio safely.
The next day was physically exhausting as taking up the old floor was hard work and laying the new one was like putting together a very tricky jigsaw puzzle.
I had to call in the cavalry (aka Paul) again, and with his help got it done the same day.
I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it!
Here’s my vlog!