You may be forgiven for thinking that my “Learn Salsa In A Day” course is a bit of a gimmick.


Especially the teachers and advanced dancers out there who know exactly what’s involved. After all, they have seen many dancers take many months to progress through the ranks of their clubs – and just as many fall by the wayside in the first few weeks when they realise how much there is to learn.


The reason most people might dismiss my claims as being unrealistic is mostly due to their own beliefs about what it takes to learn to dance, and whether they, have the capability or not.


Salsa course in Brentwood


There’s actually no limit on how fast you can learn anything new.


The limiting factor in dance is how long it takes you to acquire the new movements and do the repetitions required to embed them as a motor pattern.


It’s how well your brain’s learning centres organise the new patterns in order to recall and reproduce them at the right time.


It’s how quickly you can build up a spatial map of what, where and when things happen so your brain can make connections and recognise patterns in the dance that it can use for navigation.


Most people vastly underestimate their own potential.


Mostly they never get the unbroken time to actually find out what they can do.


To do the learning and repeat it often enough.


There are always too many distractions.


They can’t get back every week because…because…because…


The truth is, with enough repetition in a short space of time.


With the information presented in a way that connects and resonates with each individual.


With a smooth, logical learning curve that builds confidence.


With a carefully designed syllabus which delivers exactly what you need


With a low-pressure private studio where there are no distractions.


Where you don’t feel on show or intimidated by the “experts”


(Many Salsa clubs create environments which conspire against beginners and make learning harder)


You can learn Salsa in a day.


You can do enough of this “work”


(but it feels like fun)


To nail down the basic structural map of the dance.


To get a feel for the Salsa music and rhythm.


To embed the essential moves and a few simple combinations.


To have enough to make a proper, freestyle Salsa dance.


To realise that actually…you CAN dance Salsa.


And with patience and practice


You could get to be quite good!


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