Salsa Courses For Social Dancers

Progressive courses structured in a logical and easy to follow format make it much easier to remember what you learn and take it to the dance floor.

Fill The Gaps In Your Salsa Knowledge

Everyone starts at the beginning, and you are only as good as your foundations.

I can guarantee no matter how long you have been dancing, that there is some core knowledge missing – some essential nuggets of information that will completely transform what you are doing right now, and will unlock a much enhanced dancing experience.

Because my musicality and improvisation training is embedded as part of the journey from beginner level, it is important that you start with the basics. At each level there is a foundation section of core knowledge which includes the essential moves, shines and partnerwork combos, and the techniques needed to master them.

And let’s not forget connection – without this none of the other stuff works!

Salsa Courses Designed For Where You Are Right Now

I realised from my own experience that your focus with Salsa dancing often shifts.

Sometimes you want a lot of technical input in a short space of time, other times you may want to concentrate less on technique and more on sharpening your social dance skills.

Maybe you need help with styling?

Or maybe you want to learn Salsa On2.

Or maybe you need to work on your core strength, posture and balance.

You can choose whichever course most fits your needs…there will always be something new to learn and new skills to master.

Eventually they will all combine seamlessly to create a logical pathway from beginner to advanced dancer.


How My Salsa Syllabus Works

My superpower is making this extraordinarily complex dance much simpler to understand for normal, average people without prior dance experience or special talent…and for helping social dancers to get more enjoyment through unlocking the secrets of spontaneous improvisation, musicality, and authentic connection.

Even if you are already an experienced dancer, you will find my teaching style is unique and will enable you to make the kinds of breakthroughs in minutes which often take many other dancers many months, if not years.

My approach works for everyone – even the most introverted and inhibited, as it is all about learning to be comfortable in your own skin, finding your own movement style, and breaking through the mindset blocks which keep you doing the same moves in the same way and never reaching your full potential on the dance floor.

Choose The Salsa Course That’s Right For You