Salsa Classes For Social Dancers

Salsa Class Schedule


You’ll need to start with my Sofa to Salsa Beginner Course. Click below to find out more.

Become a Member

Our class structure is simple and removes most of the random and sometimes annoying elements of drop-in classes.

We have a membership system with a recurring monthly payment which rewards commitment and enables faster progression. Membership is £60/month and includes a weekly 90 minute masterclass, access to my private WhatsApp group, syllabus notes and video tutorials.

Fill The Gaps In Your Salsa Knowledge

The main reason most dancers struggle to progress as far as they’d like is because their foundations are sketchy.

I can guarantee no matter how long you have been dancing, that there is some core knowledge missing – some essential nuggets of information and practical technique that will completely transform what you are doing right now, and will unlock a much enhanced dancing experience.

For this reason I strongly suggest starting with my Beginner and Upper Beginner foundation courses – even if you have been dancing a while.

People think that the speed, smoothness, fast footwork and lightness of touch is found in the advanced levels. Or that it’s something magical that only special people can have.

I assure you that anyone can achieve these qualities with time and patience.

With my syllabus, they are built here, in the lower levels.


My Superpower Is Helping You Find Yours!

My superpower is making this extraordinarily complex dance much simpler to understand for normal, average people without prior dance experience or special talent…and for helping social dancers to get more enjoyment through unlocking the secrets of spontaneous improvisation, musicality, and authentic connection.

Even if you are already an experienced dancer, you will find my teaching style is unique and will enable you to make the kinds of breakthroughs in minutes which often take many other dancers many months, if not years.

My approach works for everyone – even the most introverted and inhibited, as it is all about learning to be comfortable in your own skin, finding your own movement style, and breaking through the mindset blocks which keep you doing the same moves in the same way and never reaching your full potential on the dance floor.