Beginner Salsa Classes

Your Quickest Route To Looking Good On The Dancefloor

The Best Start To Your Salsa Adventure

I want you to start experiencing all the magic moments that Salsa dancing can give you as soon as possible.

But I know you’ll only stick with it long enough if it feels like fun, and you can see definite progress.

So I designed my beginner classes to overcome all the usual problems that people have when they start learning to dance.

Because I know you want to be dancing “for real” as soon as possible.

What Type Of Person Are You?

I know from experience not everyone learns in the same way.

When you understand how you learn best, you’ll be able to pick the Salsa beginner class option that’s right for you.

Do you hate the idea of a busy club?

Do you hate large groups of strangers?

Do you hate making a fool of yourself in front of other people?

Do you want to get through the beginner stage as quickly and painlessly as possible?


Are you outgoing in a group of strangers?

Do you prefer to pace yourself and learn smaller chunks over a longer period of time?

Do you want to relax and not get too serious?

Not sure if you’re even going to like it and prefer to gently dip your toe in the water?

There will definitely be an option to suit you at the bottom of the page.

Learning Salsa Takes Time And Effort

The first few Salsa classes are a steep learning curve.

All the steps and moves have to be learned in a specific order.

The recipe for failure is to have long gaps in between lessons.

That’s a surefire guarantee that you’ll forget the important stuff and be right back at square one.

Or simply drop out before you get in the habit of coming.

It’s like exercise…you won’t get the result if you don’t put the time in, and the first few weeks are definitely the hardest.

In order to give yourself the best chance of Salsa success, you need to repeat the basic moves quite a lot of times so they stick and become second nature.

Learning Salsa Is Not Easy

I’m going to do what I can to put you off here…I’m going to tell you the truth.

Not because I want to scare you into not coming, but because I want you to be prepared.

Very few beginners make it past their first two or three Salsa classes.


There are a few reasons for this:

Salsa is a fast, complicated and technically difficult dance.

Salsa clubs can be big and intimidating places where everyone else looks like experts.

Many clubs give the beginner class to their least experienced and most junior teachers.

Many Salsa teachers have no qualification or teacher training, and only teach for a couple of hours a week around a normal job.

Most classes are run on a weekly drop-in basis which means that you could have 3 people one week and 30 the next, all at different stages of learning.

You could be held back by other people, or worrying that you’re the one holding everybody else back.

Often there is no logical progression from week to week – you may not even have the same teacher.

You stay there until you feel ready to move up to the next class, which could take a few weeks or a few months.

All very hit-and-miss!

Options For Beginner Salsa Lessons

I have three options for beginners, depending on the type of person you are, the level you want to reach, and how fast you want to learn.

There is a four week introductory course designed to give you the bare essentials…the Salsa “Fun-damentals”.

There is a fast track, intensive “Learn Salsa in a Day” course which will give you the equivalent of six weeks progress in just six hours.

Then there are private lesson programmes for those who want an individually tailored and more personal Salsa dancing journey.

Salsa Fun-damentals

Learn Salsa In a Day

Private Salsa Lessons

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