As World Cup fever rises in the UK following England’s victory over Sweden, many people are temporarily taking their eye off the ball with their Salsa as they plan to give their midweek classes a miss so they can watch the semi-finals.


But there are actually many things we can learn from watching these top football players in action – not least how dedicated they are to training in order to improve their skills and keep their bodies in peak physical condition.

1. Footwork

Speed, agility and precision of footwork is essential in football. It’s also essential in Salsa. However many social dancers could benefit by tightening up their footwork.


2. Spatial Awareness

If you watch some of the post match analysis, they often highlight how the players have a sixth sense for exactly where their team mates are.


Salsa dancers could all benefit by improving their ability to manage not only the space between themselves and their partner, but also the space between them and other couples. Many collisions and injuries could be avoided if we all had better spatial awareness.


3. Confidence

The England team have traditionally been slated for their loss of nerve during penalties.

However many social dancers also fall to pieces when they have to do solo shines, or if they know they are being watched. They freeze, panic or go blank. It doesn’t matter how good you are in private practice or in class – if you can’t bring it to the dance floor it doesn’t count!


4. Rhythm And Timing

Football players keep to a rhythm when they pass the ball to each other. They need split second timing for shots on goal or intercepting passes.


Many social dancers have sloppy timing – they count but don’t step on the counts. Or they count when they step – not on the beat.


Be stricter and sharper with rhythm and timing and your dancing will improve immediately.


So watch the football by all means – and pick up a few Salsa tips at the same time!!