If you added up all the time you spent doing classes, learning routines and shines, and watching YouTube videos,

And then compared it to what you actually do on the dance floor,

You might be a bit shocked.

I think it would be fair to say that a lot of guys experience a MASSIVE mismatch between the amount of time and energy they invest in learning this dance, and what they can successfully bring on to the social dance floor.

And I wouldn’t blame you for feeling a bit despondent.

I mean…

Where does all that stuff GO??

Does it just disappear into the ether?

Do you just have a bad memory?

Or are you just destined to keep repeating the same little loop of moves over and over forever and ever?

I hope not…

That’s no fun for you, or for the ladies you dance with most often.

So my goal as a teacher has been not just to teach guys the how and the what of leading – techniques, moves, combinations etc

But to help them understand why this mismatch occurs,

And more importantly, show them how to close the gap between what they learn and what they use.

So their social dancing becomes more creative, spontaneous and varied…and therefore more fun.

(You’ll know when you get it right because you’ll get BIG smiles from the ladies who know what they are doing)

There are three main reasons that moves and routines don’t get remembered:

  1. Learning a routine chronologically isn’t really how your brain likes to learn.
  2. Your brain didn’t connect it to the other stuff you already know at the time.
  3. Freestyle improvisation and reproducing a remembered routine are completely different skills in brain terms.


So if you recognise that there is a big gap that exists between the volume of stuff you have learned and what you actually use on the dance floor, here’s what to do:


  1. Admit that what you are doing isn’t working – get over the ego and consider a different approach. (Often the hardest part of the process)
  2. Don’t keep throwing more stuff into the mix as this creates more confusion and overwhelm.
  3. Learn how to create more variety with what you already have – there are unlimited possibilities within the simplest moves and a few clever hand changes and changes in orientation and positioning.


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