It seems that some Salsa people are sceptical of my claims that I can improve a guy’s leading skills in 2 weeks…


What I’m not clear on is whether they are questioning my personal ability to deliver the result that I’ve claimed,

Or if they just don’t believe it’s possible for ANY teacher, period.



Now if I was relying on the tired old class format that most clubs offer, followed the crowd, and taught Salsa using pre-choreographed routines to generic counts, then yes…maybe I’d struggle to make any significant difference to a guy’s leading skills in a fortnight.


But those who have experienced my teaching know that’s not the way I do things.

(Notice I’m not promising to “add 100 moves to your repertoire” or anything like that…)


What I’m teaching is 100% practical technique and skill based.


In English:

How to make your leads feel smoother and more comfortable for the lady.

How to improve dexterity for faster hand changes.

How to improve your brain’s internal “map” of where you are in the music so you don’t need to count your way through.

How to improve your brain’s internal map of the dance so you understand how to link moves together and create your own combinations without having to memorise whole routines.

How to manage the spatial relationship between you and your partner better so your dance feels more connected.

How to use the mood, energy and structure of the song and dance with better musicality.

And yes, you may learn some new combinations or interesting twists on those you already know…



Are you telling me that improving your ability in all the above areas, even just by a smidge, WON’T radically improve your leading skills??


If you’re still sceptical that’s cool…the way I teach isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re one of those guys who is FED UP with your lack of progress.

Or you run out of moves,

Or feel awful when ladies turn you down when you ask them to dance,

Or lose your timing,

Then I’m pretty sure you’re going to find that this special two week event, which is focused specifically on helping leads improve all the skills I mentioned, will make your social Salsa dancing easier and a lot more fun: