Back in my early days of dancing Salsa, one of my first moments of real, sublime dance floor connection was to this tune…

To this day it’s still one of my favourites:


I’ll never forget that dance…

It was the first time I felt truly in synch with another human being.

I realised that feeling was what I had been searching for.

It was a way more profound experience than losing my virginity.

I trusted his lead.

I relaxed and responded.

I realised we were hearing and feeling the same things in the music.

We had chemistry and connection.

When you get beyond counting steps and moves, you discover a new freedom.

Knowing instinctively where you are in the music and in relation to your partner means you can play.

You can improvise and innovate.

The dance becomes a conversation and a collaboration.

You find your voice and freedom of expression.

For me this feeling was the holy grail.

I was hell bent on having more of those magic moments and shared musical epiphanies.

I realised that meant not only honing my technique, musicality and connection skills so I could communicate and express myself better, but teaching other social dancers the skills they needed so they could enjoy them too 🙂