Social dancing confidence for ladies is an inner game…


And so is styling.


Sure you can fix the external stuff…lose weight, wear more makeup, have work done, hide behind your clothes etc.


But if that doesn’t change how you feel about yourself deep down, then most likely you’ll always feel that you’re faking it on the dance floor.


Self conscious.


Not worthy of attention.


Hiding behind a mask.


Scared to be yourself and show who you really are in case other people criticise or judge.


Copying everyone else’s style instead of finding your own.


If you don’t believe that every inch of you is beautiful and love yourself unconditionally, then you’ll never have the inner confidence to express yourself fully to music on the dance floor.


If you can’t dance naked in front of a mirror on your own, embrace your flaws and love what you see, then you’ll never let go fully clothed in front of a roomful of strangers.


Styling your dancing is not just about when, where and how to stick your arm up in the air during a dance.


It’s first and foremost governed by the conversation you have with yourself about being good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, sexy enough, confident enough and deserving enough.


It’s about knowing who you are and showing up with your own style.
I can teach you the what, where, when of styling and how to make your Salsa dancing aesthetically look better, but if you don’t win the inner conversation about being (insert whichever word applies) _____ enough, then you’ll never actually use what I show you.