Those films like Dirty Dancing, Cuban Fury and Strictly Ballroom…


They’re not really about guy gets girl or girl gets guy.


Well they sort of are, but only on the surface.


They’re really about self expression.


They’re about not compromising who you are and what you believe in.


They’re about having the courage to grow into the person you really want to be.


Even in the face of opposition from your closest friends and family.


And regardless of the difficult decisions you have to make and impossible circumstances you face.


(Remember the bit where Baby tells her Dad that she’s disappointed in him for not trusting her?


Or where Johnny gets fired even though he didn’t steal from the hotel guests? So not fair…)


But the most iconic bit of all…you know:


The one where Johnny says “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”




Well…once upon a time, I was waiting for Johnny to come and drag me out of the corner.


But guess what.


I would still be waiting even now if I hadn’t got up off my backside and decided to do whatever it took to be a dancer.


It’s so easy to blame life and the way things are for our failure to do the things that that deep down we really want to.


If you’re allowing other people’s expectations of you to dictate your decisions and your actions.


If you’re allowing their hopes and dreams to steer your life in a direction you don’t really want.


Then you are putting yourself in the corner, and even worse, you’re choosing to stay there.


Come out of the corner and join me on the dance floor.


You know you want to!