Don’t you just hate it when you go to a styling class, or watch a video on YouTube and the movements are so difficult and the timing so complicated that you know it’s going to take you at least six months before you’ll have it nailed down enough to use on the dance floor?


Or you give it a try and then think “I feel stupid doing these moves…they don’t feel right for me.”


Or they feel great when you do them to the teacher’s music in the video but feel wrong when you try them to your own music.


Yeah me too!


So much so that I came to the conclusion I wasn’t going to copy anyone else’s shines…I was going to make up my own.


And what I realised was that it wasn’t some mysterious dark art that took ages to master.


They didn’t have to be complicated or difficult.


In fact the more complicated they were, the less chance you had of remembering them.


And the more difficult they were, the less chance you had of making them look good.


I found I could actually come up with some amazing looking shines, just by making some very simple tweaks to the most basic of moves.


Moves such as your basic step, side basic and single turn.


There are basically 6 things we can play with when creating a shine with these basic moves, and rather than throwing them all into the pot at once like the pro dancers do, I’m going to show you how my system works so you can create your own.


  1. Size and foot placement
  2. Rhythm and Syncopation
  3. Extra Beats
  4. Direction and Shape
  5. Body Movement
  6. Arm Styling


So that’s what I’m going to show you in this video…how I go about layering in all these different elements one by one to turn something dead simple into something really flash and fancy looking.

I’ve aimed this at the girls, but there’s no reason why guys can’t use the same principles to make up their own shines on men’s timing.


Good luck…I’d love to hear how you get on!