Salsa allegedly is a partner dance…or so they tell me…


Of course, my REAL partner is the music. It’s very much a triangular relationship.

But I don’t tell the man that. I let him think he’s in charge 😉

Every once in a while though, as a lady you’re forced to choose.

Your male partner asks you to go against the demands of your real, true love. Step here, go this way…NOW…when you know the music is pulling you in the opposite direction, and on a different beat.


So what do you do?




You cheat on one – and both if necessary! Whatever it takes to make yourself look as good as possible under the circumstances.


I’ve faced this dilemma on many occasions, and whilst it’s never ideal, it’s still possible to have an enjoyable dance if you stick to these guidelines:


Scenario 1: The lead is slightly behind.

No real choice here…you’re playing a game of catch up. It may feel like you’re running rather than dancing but you have to do the best you can to honour the music and the guy.


Scenario 3: The lead is on the wrong side of the bar.

Just go with the flow here. What you usually find is that the man’s brain will take his feet back to the first beat naturally, without him realising…as soon as he stops over-thinking and relaxes.


Scenario 4: The moves bear no relation to the music whatsoever.

This is the ultimate test of skill for a follower, because you have to forsake the music completely and be faithful to the lead. Close your ears, ignore the music and follow the lead as perfectly as you can.


Cheating on the music is just like cheating on a lover…never easy the first few times, but you learn to cover it rather well…