Salsa On 2 In Brentwood

Bringing Salsa On 2 to Essex

When I go out to dance socially for myself, my preference is to dance On 2.

For this reason, I mainly dance in London as there aren’t any local Salsa clubs where On 2 is taught or routinely danced.

But I’ve often thought to myself it would be amazing to create and build a community of On 2 dancers in Essex.

To help local dancers develop their musicality, connection and moves repertoire. 


Saturday Morning Mambo

Saturday Morning Mambo teaches the foundations of Salsa On 2.

We cover the essential Musicality, Shines and Partnerwork you need to get going.

It is open to any dancer with a basic competence in any other style or timing.


Are You Looking For A New Challenge?

If you are already dancing Salsa On 1, expanding your skillset to On 2 is going to increase your versatility.

You’ll develop your musicality as well as your styling and technique.

Which On 2 Style Do I Teach?

There are a few different styles and timings which fall under the On 2 umbrella.

I believe it’s important for students to become aware of all of them so they can choose what resonates for them as they develop their own style.

And to respond to each song with movement that is infused with that knowledge.

Whether it’s the classic elegance of Palladium style, the cool, streetwise flavour Eddie Torres Jr brings to his father’s New York Style, or the structurally simpler but beautifiully expressive Puerto Rican style of Tito and Tamara or Felipe Polanco.

There’s so much to learn and absorb that I prefer to educate students and give them an overview which will hopefully prompt them to go and research for themselves.

Know Your Timings

One of the keys to becoming a more musically connected dancer is to realise that rhythms in Salsa music have accents.

It’s important to bring these accents into your step pattern so your basic has flavour and you choose your timing based on what is prominent in the music.