Transformative Dance Coaching For Men

Many men have been resistant to the idea of learning to dance. 

They had the impression that dancing wasn’t masculine, would make them appear “soft” or leave their sexuality open to question.

However times have changed.

More and more men are realising that being able to dance sets them apart in a way that makes them the envy of other men and extremely attractive to women.

More and more women are pursuing their desire to dance and are actively seeking confident, charismatic men to partner them in classes and at social dance events.

In a crowded room when the music plays, the guy who gets the girl and goes home with her is the one who had the confidence to not only ask her to dance, but the skill to turn that opportunity into a moment she won’t forget.

And for all the right reasons.


It’s Not A Level Playing Field

The idea that we are all created equal is a myth.

We are not.

There are many social situations where you will be outclassed by other men.

There will be guys with better jobs, better looks, better jokes, better cars and better conversation.

Guys with more money, more confidence and more charm.

Guys who own the room and attract more than their fair share of attention from the opposite sex.

Guys who excel in triathlons, on tennis courts and in boardrooms and bedrooms.

But all of these attributes can be negated in under a minute by the guy who owns the dance floor.


Why Salsa?

Salsa is a fast moving, exciting dance which can be elegant and classy, soft and romantic, or sexy and dramatic, depending on the music and your mood.

It has influences from other dances such as Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Theatre Jazz and American Tap so there’s a flavour to suit everyone.

It’s a social improvised dance rather than a performance based dance, so the complete opposite to stuffy ballet and ballroom classes where broomsticks often appear to be firmly up people’s backsides.

In Salsa, once you learn the standard moves and footwork you can let loose and let yourself go.

It attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Salsa dancing can fit to many different styles of music so will work in most social settings – weddings, parties, nightclubs, barbecues, work functions and dinner dances.

Even the kitchen and the bedroom!


What Men Can Learn From Latin Dance

The rise of feminism and the current political climate in the UK has demonised many of the traits that traditionally have made men attractive and desirable.

This has created confusion amongst men who now worry about their natural drives being perceived as toxic masculinity or misogyny.

Latin culture places a high value on masculinity, and dance is one of the ways that this is expressed.

Salsa has a very specific masculine/feminine dynamic which requires the man to lead the dance and the lady to follow.

Learning to step up and lead with authority and assurance is one of the most powerful things a guy can learn when it comes to relating to women.


The Struggle Is Real

The problem with learning any dance is the initial steep learning curve.

This puts most men off from even starting.

This is rarely a lack of rhythm or two left feet problem as most people like to believe.

It’s a mindset thing.

A fear of failure, a fear of being seen to mess up or to be less than perfect.

No one starts out great.

The secret to blasting through that initial learning curve is to master your inner game.

Beat the mental monsters before they strangle you.

Learn how to tune out the devil on your shoulder with all the negative comments.

And this is where most traditional dance classes fall down.

They only approach things from the physical perspective of moves and steps.


The Inner Transformation

Being confident on the dance floor means showing up differently in the world.

  • More assertiveness
  • More skill
  • More courage
  • More audacity
  • More persistence
  • More determination

For many guys this entails a complete reinvention of themselves.

In a roomful of people – regardless of how well you know them – we tend to revert to our comfortable and familiar behavioural patterns.

So even if you have all the dance moves under the sun, there’s a very good chance you won’t have the front to use them when it really matters.

And that’s where this programme comes in.

It teaches you to show up differently everywhere. To develop the inner resilience and confidence in tandem with the Salsa dance skills.

This is not about “faking it til you make it” – it’s about actually BECOMING that version of yourself in everything.

The Pursuit Of Excellence

Men have an advantage over women in the way they approach learning Salsa and I’ve seen this play out time and time again.

Men typically have better spatial awareness and love the challenge of mastering a complex and difficult physical skill.



Who Is The Programme For?

  • You are a man who wants to become an amazing dancer and you want it fast.
  • You are a high achiever and not scared of hard work and commitment.
  • You want to up your game in everything – skills, confidence, charisma and assertiveness.
  • You want to develop an excellence mindset.

Who Is The Programme NOT For?

  • You want to learn a few moves but don’t have any great aspirations.
  • You prefer to dip in and out when it suits you.
  • You’re scared of committing in case you fail.
  • You are

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