Private Salsa Lessons For Ladies

Develop Styling Technique, Following Skills and Bulletproof Confidence

Private Salsa Lessons For Beginner Ladies

If you are a beginner, private lessons are an awesome way to start your Salsa journey.

You will progress much faster as all the time is spent on giving you the technical training and practice you need,

This is in sharp contrast to group classes where much of the time is spent breaking down the leaders’ role.

You will be dancing exclusively  with me and getting accurate feedback – unlike group classes where the guys may try and tell you what you are doing wrong even when they are off time, pushing and shoving, and making it almost impossible to execute your moves correctly.


Private Lessons For More Advanced Ladies

My Private Lesson Programme is for ladies who love dancing Salsa but feel they are missing some of the vital pieces of the jigsaw that would allow them to reach their full potential on the dance floor.

If you want to develop your body movement, musicality, styling or learn Salsa On 2, a course of private lessons will give you the technical input you need to raise your game.


Private Lessons Will Help If:

  • You feel under-stimulated or unfulfilled through your social dancing.
  • You regularly feel off balance or struggling to keep up.
  • You feel at the mercy of the lead, and believe you have no control over your experience on the dance floor.
  • You’re fed up of teachers giving all their attention to the leads and telling you to “just follow”.
  • You have outgrown the advanced class at your local clubs but want to get better still.
  • You’ve hit a plateau and you want to improve but have no idea how.
  • You want to develop specific aspects of your technique such as spinning or styling.
  • You’re fed up with guys pushing and shoving you through moves, sometimes even hurting you.
  • You want to get that authentic Latin style and attitude.
  • You want to feel more empowered and in control on the dance floor.

Salsa With Sassitude

If your enjoyment of Salsa depends solely on who you’re dancing with, then you’ll find what I teach will revolutionise your whole experience of the dance.

I believe that the follower is an equal collaborator in Salsa dancing.

But this can only happen when you take responsibility for your own half of the dance and show up with good technique, footwork and confidence in your ability.

Unfortunately the typical ways ladies try and improve their Salsa don’t always work that well, they don’t work quickly, and will only take you so far.

These are:

  1. Club based group classes
  2. Learning organically through social dancing
  3. Ladies Styling classes
  4. Copying another female dancer you admire

Let’s look at why they are not particularly effective:

Club Based Group Classes

These can be really hit and miss from week to week.

If there are roughly the same number of leads and follows, and the guys (and you) are in the correct level class, then your experience may be fine.

But let’s be honest – how often does that really happen?

And how much time does the teacher spend breaking down your footwork, technique and styling?

In many cases not much, because explaining stuff to the leads is eating up all the time. And you end up being a practice puppet for them.


Learning Organically Through Social Dancing

You can learn a lot through social dancing – it’s important to get as much experience as you can.

But you are unlikely to improve much if this is ALL you are doing.

There are some things it’s impossible to learn on the dance floor – they need to be explained and broken down so you can practice them slowly.

In the early days of social dancing you may not be getting enough dances with competent leaders to make progress or boost your confidence.


Ladies Styling Classes

Whilst ladies styling classes fun and often great for improving your individual movement skills, they are usually choregraphy based.

Therefore they do not help you understand how and where to put styling in during partnerwork, or how to develop your own style.

Many ladies become so obsessed with styling that they disregard the lead and do their own thing.


Copying Someone Else

It’s natural to want to copy those ladies who seem to know what they are doing, whose style and confidence we look up to.

But it rarely helps us feel better in our own skin.

Learning to express yourself authentically is part of the Salsa journey.

True confidence comes from working on your own skills and practicing with intent – not swiping an arm gesture here or a bit of footwork there because you thought it looked good.

If you are going to copy any dancer, make sure it’s someone who really knows what they are doing and can teach you how, when and why they use certain steps and movements from a musical perspective.

All ladies styling in Salsa has its roots in Afro-Cuban folklore, spiritual practices and culture which should be acknowledged and respected.



Ladies Private Lesson Packages

1. Choose Your Focus


Beginner Basics

Foundations of Salsa – Timing, connection, basic steps and footwork.

Social Dance Decoded

For Improvers – fine tune your fundamentals and develop your following skills.

Styling & Confidence

Learn how to integrate styling into your social dance moves

Mambo Moves

Expand your horizons by learning Mambo & Salsa On 2

Advanced Following Skills

Take your following skills to the next level with ninja reaction speeds and multiples of multiple spins – for On 1 and On 2 followers.

2. Choose Your Package


Salsa Siren

Purposeful practice and steady progress are the name of the game with a six week course of private one hour lessons.

Social Dance Diva

Combine a 3 month group membership with some extra support with 6 private lessons included.

Goddess of Groove

Access all areas and become the Salsa dancer you’ve always dreamed of.

Includes full group membership and 24 private lessons.