FAQ - Salsa Intoxica

Here’s What You Need To Know…


What should I wear?

Salsa is great because it allows you to dress up or down as much as you like…there isn’t any clothing snobbery so just wear what you feel comfortable in. The most important thing is that you can move freely. Make sure you can move your arms above your head and twist your torso with no restriction.

Salsa can be a hot and sweaty activity, so it’s essential to be considerate to your dance partners by taking measures to stay fresh throughout the evening. A small gym towel and a spare top are pre-requisites, especially for men, and deodorant also.


Do I need special shoes?

You won’t need dance shoes for the first few lessons, but if you do come regularly it will be worth investing in a pair. This is because they have a special flexible suede sole which allows you to spin but still have grip.

For the first couple of lessons, go for comfortable shoes with some flexibility and a non-rubber sole…definitely not trainers as they stick to the floor and prevent you turning properly. Ladies should go for a low to moderate heel – around 2 inches is about right.


Do I need my own partner?

No. There is little – if any – partnerwork in your first two lessons as we are just getting you to feel comfortable moving to the Salsa rhythm and practicing the basic steps.

We aim to keep the ratio of men to women as even as we can on all our pre-booked Intoxica courses to ensure you get enough practice of partnerwork to accelerate your progress and achieve the course aims.

We can’t guarantee this with the drop-in classes, but we still rotate partners so everyone gets enough practice and the class retains a fun and social atmosphere.


What is the format of the evening?

7.30-8.30pm we run our flagship intensive courses which you have to apply for in advance.

8.30pm we do a short but fun warm-up to get you moving.

8.35pm we start our drop-in classes

9.30pm we do a fun cooldown to get you in the mood for social dancing.

9.35-11pm we open up the floor for freestyle dancing.


I’ve got two left feet and no rhythm…will everyone think I’m an alien?

Everyone worries about that to begin with, but rest assured most people are too worried about what they look like themselves to even notice you!

Even the best dancers can usually remember how they felt when they first started learning and will do their best to support and encourage you. We are unique in that we don’t let dancers in just for social dancing. I believe this is important to preserve a close-knit club feel and ensure there is no “us and them” or elitism which I’ve seen develop in other clubs.


How long does it take to learn?

How long is a piece of string? Much depends on what you do in between lessons…those who practice will always get ahead faster. Our “Intoxication” system breaks everything down into a logical structure which is covered in increasing amounts of detail in both the 12 Week Courses and Private Programmes.


I tried dance classes before but felt awkward and out-of-place…will I have to go through that again?

There is always an initial “settling in” period while you get to know us, your fellow class and club members. But we pride ourselves on making that process as smooth as possible. It’s why we go to the trouble of contacting people before they attend our courses.

We also aim to make the lessons themselves fun and low-pressure, so the journey towards becoming a confident dancer is enjoyable and rewarding. In the space of just a few short weeks, you’ll know everyone, see improvements, and feel comfortable both in class and on the dancefloor.