Was anyone born a natural car driver?


Or a natural golfer?


Or a natural cardiac surgeon?


I think not…


So the idea that someone is born with the ability to dance already present within them isn’t something I buy into.


What I do believe is that we all have rhythm and dance potential, although not everyone is inspired enough to find and develop it.


However there are certain traits that some dancers have, and these are more likely to be found in those who started dancing at an early age or grew up in a place where dancing is part of the social culture, simply because by dancing regularly they developed the skills, techniques and were constantly exposed to music.


These traits are what makes dancing look “natural”:


  • They know exactly where they are in the music without having to count.
  • They can predict what’s going to happen in the music
  • Their movement looks graceful and effortless
  • Their dancing is creative, spontaneous and improvised
  • Their movement and energy changes to reflect the music
  • They have an individual style
  • Their technique doesn’t look artificial or forced
  • They have excellent rhythm and timing.
  • They can play with rhythm without losing timing
  • They express what they are hearing and feeling in the music through their body movement.
  • They are great to dance with.
  • They dance wherever and whenever they can.
  • They can dance the simplest moves and steps but make them look amazing
  • They can dance complicated moves and steps and make them look easy


Anyone can achieve these things at any stage of their lives – but only if they are willing to do the work.


Natural dancers aren’t born, they are made.


It’s not about years and months or where you were born or how you grew up.


It’s about doing it daily, consistency and repetition.


Although professionally trained dancers don’t always look natural.


However learning any skill is task based, not time based.


If you want to find the natural dancer in you, you have to start doing instead of dreaming.


Are you clear on what steps need to be taken?


How quickly can you complete those steps?


What help do you need?


What is getting in the way and how can you get around, under or over those obstacles?


Learning to dance is a journey and a mission.


And yes…the sooner you start the more chance you have of reaching that point where it all looks, feels and becomes natural 🙂