I really don’t think this is a problem for guys…but for us girls, getting dressed to go dancing is an art and a science!

Too short, too uncomfortable, too revealing, not revealing enough, does garment actually stay where it’s supposed to?

Can you spin without your skirt flying up round your ears, and you just remembered why this particular pair of dance shoes ended up at the back of wardrobe…last time you wore them your feet were reduced to blistered and bloody stumps the morning after!


There are times when every girl gets it wrong though…and times when a man is lucky enough to get a glimpse of something he wasn’t meant to!


Here are my worst five dancewear disasters listed just for fun and your amusement…


  1. The Dress That Went South

I had a gorgeous strapless, stretchy, figure hugging purple dress with long tassels. It survived the class ok, but during my first social dance, the fringes got caught in my partner’s belt buckle, shirt buttons and my own bracelet. And then during our attempt to disentangle ourselves, the whole dress slipped south, revealing one bra cup.

Luckily I had suspected the dress might be a problem and brought a plan B outfit!


  1. The Knicker And Leggings Disagreement

I was wearing my favourite leggings – black shiny wet look Lycra, which were just a little on the big side. For some reason, they didn’t agree with the knickers I had on that night which kept sliding down inside the leggings every five minutes.

Wouldn’t have been so bad if the whole lot slid down together…easy enough just to hitch everything back up again, but try reaching down inside a pair of leggings to pull your pants up without anyone noticing!


  1. The Fishnets That Would Never Catch A Fish

Lovely brand new fishnet tights straight out of the pack. Sat down as soon as I got into the venue on a chair that had a sticky-out piece of metal which caught on my tights ripping a hole that a whale could have got through. They had to come off…no other solution available!



  1. The Slithering Shoulder Straps

A strappy vest top with straps that kept falling off my shoulders…my arm styling looked very twitchy and strange that night!


  1. Plastic Fantastic Shoes From China

Selecting the right dance shoes is a must and I’ve made the big mistake of buying cheap shoes shipped from China through Amazon and EBay without trying them on first. Most were functional, even if they didn’t last as long as my expensive pairs. One pair were particularly plasticky and nasty, and I was enjoying myself so much on the dancefloor, I didn’t notice that my feet were cut to ribbons and bleeding until I sat down at the end of the night.


I now have a rule that every outfit has to be road tested and certified dance-proof before it leaves the house which involves much spinning on my kitchen floor and posing at very weird angles in front of the mirror!


I would love to hear about your own Salsa wardrobe disasters so leave me a comment! 🙂