The Salsa Intoxica Membership

Join Our Social Dance Community

The Personal Touch

My aim has always been to provide a truly personalised feel in all my classes – where I can get to know everyone and help them individually.

No one is treated like just a number or a face in the crowd.

My trademark small, closed classes enable everyone to get direct feedback and ask questions freely.

It also facilitates faster progression for those ready to show up and do the work.

This community welcomes EVERYONE – complete beginners, experienced social dancers, and everyone in between – regardless of looks, size, shape or age.

The best thing is – it’s free to be a part of!



Exciting Times Ahead!

There has never been a better time to be a part of the Salsa Intoxica community.

Although I can’t say too much right now, we are on the brink of some fantastic new developments which will see us grow, expand and enjoy a much higher profile in the local Salsa scene.

The lucky few who join my Founder Member offer will never pay a penny more for their membership.

And as more classes and events are timetabled they will receive incredible value for their subscription – my way of saying thanks for being there when it mattered most.


Salsa Intoxica Membership Types

PAYG Membership

The basic membership level only requires an email subscription and will enable you to stay updated with all our classes and events via the Salsa Intoxica App.

You’ll be able to pay as you go for the studio classes you want to attend, yet still enjoy more structure and progression rarely found in typical drop-in Salsa classes, where the people who dip in and out or put themselves in the wrong level hold everyone else back.


Annual Membership

Set yourself up for Salsa success and enjoy significant savings by paying in advance for a full 12 months of top notch dance coaching.

This is designed for newer dancers who want to go all-in and reach a decent level as quickly as possible.

It includes a place on my Sofa to Salsa Beginner Course, following on with 10 months membership to my group class programme and full access to the Salsa Intoxica App

You can also enjoy a further upgrade by adding a monthly private lesson where I can offer even more precise, tailored guidance and feedback.

Due to limits on my own time there will only be 5 of these upgrades available.


  • Sofa to Salsa Course (Value £155)
  • 8 Months Group Membership (Value £600)
  • Full Access to the App for 12 months (Value £120)
  • Optional Private Lesson Upgrade (Value £720)
Annual Membership Options

Monthly Membership

This option is for  those who have moved on from absolute beginners and want to keep improving at a steady pace.

This plan gives you access to all group classes at your level and below.

There are classes running from Monday to Thursday which offers fantastic value for those who want to up their level quickly by attending more than once a week.

You will find additional classes in Mambo, Spinning and Styling which will enhance the skills and repertoire covered in the main level classes.