This workshop is designed for beginner and improver Salsa dancers who want their dancing to look less beginner-ish.

It’s also for those who have seen all the hip-wiggling, shoulder-shimmying, body-rolling antics of more advanced dancers and thought to themselves “that could never be me”.

It’s for those who have maybe tried some of the above movements in class and felt either too old, too stiff, too clumsy or inflexible to look good.


Shake Off Your Inhibitions

Some people feel inhibited or even a bit embarrassed when they try Salsa body movement.

You may simply just not be used to moving your body in this way.

The movements require a lot of fine motor control of individual body parts and muscles – something which many adults don’t have.

The good news is that with a bit of patience and the right training, your body will rediscover its full movement range and embed these unfamiliar movement patterns into muscle memory.